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Police dept. promotes ‘invaluable’ member

[Oregon Observer News] Village of Oregon police chief Doug Pettit said every police department has one go-to person who makes the agency run well.

In the Oregon PD, that person is Ruti Trace.

Earlier this month, the Village Board unanimously approved Pettit’s request to reclassify Trace from administrative assistant to confidential administrative services supervisor.

“The new job description is reflective of the additional responsibilities that have been added to the position over the past nine years,” Pettit wrote in a memo to village administrator Mike Gracz.

In his note, Pettit talked about the position but not the person. But in an interview with the Oregon Observer, and also when the matter was discussed with the Village Board, Pettit was more forthcoming in his praise of Trace.

“We were kind of kidding around about what would be the new title on the reclassification, and I said given the fact that she’s not a sworn officer, I could make her deputy chief, I guess,” Pettit joked.

“Her responsibilities and duties are so broad and expansive that she’s just an integral part of our operation. There are tasks that she performs that quite frankly nobody else in the department would know how to do if she left or was not available.”

Trace, a village resident of 14 years, began working part-time at the police department 12 years ago and went full-time nine years ago.

She calls it her “ideal job.”

“I like the variety, the staff I work with, and I like working in the community where I live,” she said. “Every day is different.”

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